Monetize Your Catalog

Monetize your ENTIRE catalog on the fastest growing ad-supported VOD app designed specifically for Independent Horror. We want your new and older features, shorts, fan films, and web/tv series on CurdledTV.

No Complex Payment Algorithms

The other guys use a secret “Consumer Engagement Rank – CER” system to calculate the tiny payments you’ll get. Or they offer a small onetime payment for exclusive multi-year rights to your content.

At CurdledTV we think that’s BS! We believe in supporting the artists that create the films and shorts we love to watch and talk about by paying them a generous flat fee for every minute of their content that viewers watch on CurldedTV. You won’t need an abacus, slide rule, or an advanced degree in Data Development for Algorithm Deployment in Machine Learning and AI Environments…just to figure out what you’ll get paid. We payout $0.102 per hour (calculated by the minute) monthly with no minimums or rounding down. Yes, we payout monthly. Not quarterly like some of the other streaming platforms.

Also, we only ask for a 1 year non-exclusive license. We want you to be able to sell and stream your titles where ever you can.

Engage With Viewers

CurdledTV is available on all the major platforms (android & iOS apps, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and more). But how we stream is more important than where.

We are building a community of highly engaged viewers and fans. CurdledTV users can win cash and prizes in weekly trivia contests, chat with Cast and Crew during live commentary, earn swag by posting 30 sec video reviews, and so much more… all within the app.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your titles, visit CurdledTV Submission and we’ll send over the Digital Video License Agreement for you to sign. After that you’ll get an email with requirements for and instructions on submitting the deliverables (film, promo graphics, trailer, and captions).